Beware of email phishing scam

Recently, many users has started receiving an email with the following subject:

"Be sure to read this message! Your personal data is threatened!“.

This is thetypical email phishing scam.

The email message's wording varies to some extent but the email looks something like this:

In many cases, the email appears to be sent from a user's email address.

This is known as “email spoofing” i.e. the practice of creating email messages with a fake sender’s address.

If you’ve received an email message like this, you should take the following steps to keep yourself safe:

- Do not click on any links in the email;
- Do not reply to the message;
- Do not pay the requested ransom;
- Mark the email as junk (SPAM mail);
- Change your account passwords;
- Scan your computer for malware;


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